"Gender is so deep in our identity that it will take many generations for change to happen. That is no excuse for not working on it now."


–  Grayson Perry, The Descent of Man, 2016.



The Gap is a non-fiction podcast series which explores the differences and the similarities between men and women. It follows the host's own thought process on feminism, toxic masculinities, gender roles and male and female energies.

Techniques like ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) triggers and binaural audio are used in order to create a relaxation state, so that we can all truly listen to each other. This series aims to spark a genuine conversation around these sensitive topics.


In the podcast series The Gap, Chloé Trieu, the host, decides to go on a personal journey into the gap, which she describes as an in-between men and women, a place of disconnection and misunderstandings. On her way, she meets three persons with whom she reflects on identity, privileges, gender roles, gender spectrum, and male and female energies. The series ends on a positive gender-neutral message for anyone on an identity quest.


Episode 00


In this short teaser episode, Chloé tells the story of how she found the name of the podcast series after having an argument with her boyfriend Sebastian.